Accounting and Finance

The Morgan County Finance Department is responsible for receipt and disbursement of Morgan County's operating funds and accounts for all income of the county, payments to vendors, cash balances, internal service charges, fixed and depreciable assets, and payroll.

Income is recorded to the appropriate account in the appropriate fund. All payments out of county funds are made by the accounting office. The office maintains all cash accounts of the county.

Morgan County has one internal service fund which generates charges for service to other funds and departments. The Finance Department records the charges and makes the necessary accounting transfers between activities, and maintains the balances for management purposes.

All fixed and depreciable assets of the county are recorded and inventoried by the Finance Department accounting. Each piece of property is listed by original cost, purchase date, and fund or department which has responsibility for the asset.

The accounting department is responsible for preparing the budget and annual audit of the financial records for Morgan County, and the publication of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). For question about these reports, contact this office at the address or phone listed.

One important task of central accounting is handling of Morgan County employees' payroll. The office pays all county employees and accounts for all taxes and other deductions associated with the payroll.

Lori Crispin, Director

231 Ensign St., P.O. Box 189
Fort Morgan, CO 80701

970-542-3502 (fax)