About the Morgan County Sheriff's Office


About the Morgan County Sheriff's Office


Morgan County Sheriff Core Values - Honesty/Integrity, Teamwork, Accountability, Trust/Respect, Excellence, Compassion, Diversity


The members of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office are committed to providing the highest level of public safety to all. We will accomplish this through our partnerships within our community and through effective leadership, accountability and teamwork.


Sheriff's Office employees are dedicated to achieving the vision, mission and goals of the agency. We will always seek to do our best and improve what we do. We are willing to examine what we do and make changes to achieve our goals.


The Morgan County Sheriff's Office recognizes the seven point star as the badge of our office. We are privileged to wear this badge as a symbol of public trust. Each point of our badge represents one of our seven Core Values.


Honesty & Integrity

The employees of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office will be truthful and trustworthy at all times, and in all places. Our commitment is to the highest level of standards as measured by the policing profession, the Law Enforcement Canon of Ethics, and standing up for one's belief.


A group organized to work together. We are committed to a spirit of cooperation with each other and our community. We will form a partnership with the community and listen to them. We will never willingly let a member of our team fail.


Each employee will be responsible for his or her actions; not only to our fellow employees, but to the community we serve. We must realize that the community is our customer. As such, it is the community that will define our quality of service.

Trust / Respect

We are confident in the integrity, the ability and the good character of our colleagues. We will treat everyone with dignity, honoring the rights of all individuals.



No matter how small, undesirable or monumental the task, we will always strive to do the best in everything we do.


We maintain an engaged, focused and personal presence while in service to others. Our interactions are characterized by respect, courtesy, warmth and professional dignity.


Members of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office will embrace the strength in the diversity of our employees and our communities.