Camera Registry Program


Camera Registry Program

Our camera registry program provides citizen engagement to expand the potential for evidence collection, helping our agency solve crime faster. This type of program enables citizens to voluntarily upload video footage in or near the area of an incident.

Who can register a camera?

Area residents and/or local businesses operating doorbell and security cameras on their premises can register their camera(s) with the Morgan County Sheriff's Office. Camera registry is voluntary and does not provide access to the Sheriff's Office for live stream video.
Camera location and owner contact information are part of the registry program, enabling us to identify additional video resources within the area of an incident. The registry shows registered cameras in the area of an incident and provides us the ability to send messages to make footage requests.
The Morgan County Sheriff's Office can only receive video when a citizen volunteers to upload it through a request. Registrants are sent a request in POLARIS™ through text or email requesting footage from their registered camera, where they can voluntarily upload footage using a secure link.

Who has access to the registered camera-provided footage?

Registrants provide footage on a voluntary basis. Footage (requested and provided) is only accessible by authorized law enforcement and only shared with authorized public safety agency members. No third-party access is allowed.

Register your security cameras or scan the QR Code.

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