Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles New Online Services


The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles is excited to announce that 15 new online services are available on August 6! That means that a total of 35 driver and vehicle-related services will be available to serve residents in every county in Colorado!

The new services are:

  • Request a Personalized Plate - Check availability of a personalized plate instantly and reserve and pay for a plate. This replaces a manual process where people request their top three choices, send in a form, wait for the state to tell them if they’re available, if they find one that’s available, send in payment, wait for production, etc. This service completes the process in one step.
  • Registration Fee Estimator - Estimate registration fees on a vehicle. Commonly used for individuals who are considering purchasing a new vehicle who are wondering about the registration cost.
  • Request a Title Status - Tells a customer if their title has been processed. It’s a real-time title-complete notice.
  • Get a Transaction Receipt - This service provides a receipt for a transaction and outlines all taxes and fees paid. This will be commonly used at tax time when individuals need to see what SOT they paid and have misplaced the receipt where it’s listed.
  • Add/change a Vehicle Address - Change your motor vehicle registration address
  • Request a Duplicate Title - Get a duplicate title if your title has been lost or stolen.
  • First-time Registration - This service allows an individual to register a vehicle in Colorado for the first time without visiting a motor vehicle office.
  • Request Duplicate Registration Card - Replace a lost or stolen registration card
  • Apply for an Emissions Waiver - Allows an individual to apply for a hardship or repair waiver to help with payment of emissions-related repairs
  • Apply for Out-of-State Emissions Extension - For individuals who need an emissions test, but are out of state at the time their test is needed. This extends a valid emissions test so that an individual is able to register a vehicle until that individual returns to Colorado.
  • Replace Tabs - Replace a lost or stolen month or year sticker
  • Become a Third Party IRP Agent - Some International Registration Plan users hire third-party individuals to maintain their accounts. This allows these individuals to register with their information and request access to an account in order to manage it.
  • First-time Application Disability Placards - Allows an individual to apply for a disability placard for the first time. This is for individuals who do not currently have a valid placard.
  • Manage Your Placards - This service is for individuals who have disability placards who need to renew, get a duplicate, cancel, etc.
  • Request a Title/registration History Report - request a full motor vehicle history record

Existing services are:

  • Request a Driver Record
  • Pay Citation (Traffic ticket)
  • View/Submit a Medical Certificate (DOT)
  • Begin Application for a New Driver License or ID
  • Renew a Driver License or ID (if eligible)
  • Pay a Reinstatement Fee
  • Upload Reinstatement Documents
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Manage International Registration Plan
  • Change Driver License or ID Address
  • Add/Change Renewal Reminders
  • Update Emergency Contacts
  • Check Eligibility to Renew by Mail
  • Exchange Driver License or Permit for an ID
  • Extend an Expiration Date, if Eligible
  • Submit a Subpoena
  • Reschedule a Hearing
  • Renew Registration
  • Manage IRP
  • Where’s My Driver License/ID

The Morgan County Clerk and Recorder's Office encourages you to visit the state's online motor vehicle services at Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles to save you time and help you "Skip the Trip!" View the brochure.