The Morgan County Finance Department is responsible for receipt and disbursement of Morgan County's operating funds and accounts for all income of the county, payments to vendors, cash balances, internal service charges, fixed and depreciable assets, and payroll.

The Morgan County Administrative Services Department is managed by the Administrative Services Manager and supervised by the Board of County Commissioners. This department provides day to day business administrative assistance to the Board including scheduling, coordinating and preparing County Commissioner’s official meeting agendas, hearings and resolutions. The official calendar for the Board is also maintained by this department according to C.R.S. guidelines for posting and publishing.

The Morgan County Building and Maintenance Department is responsible for the repair, maintenance, landscaping of grounds, and sidewalk snow removal for all County facilities.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is responsible for developing and maintaining geospatial data and assisting other county departments with maps and geospatial data analysis to support their operations. GIS is a functional unit of the Information Systems Department.


Morgan County Human Resources works to conduct all aspects of the Human Resources function in such a manner as to improve the recruitment and retention of qualified employees and to minimize risk through compliance with all local, state, and national laws and regulations. Human Resources partners with all departments and offices of Morgan County Government to provide employees competitive compensation and benefits, and professional training and development opportunities, while maintaining the highest commitment to the wellbeing of the workplace.

The Information Technology department is an internal department, which exists to provide technology tools and services that directly support and /or augment the business activities of Elected Officials and other county departments in performing mandated and daily functions and duties.