Public Trustee Forms

Foreclosure Documents

Notice of Intent to Cure Default - Initial request to obtain amounts needed to bring a loan current in a foreclosure action

Request for Updated Cure Figures - Subsequent requests

Public Trustee Fee Schedule - Statutory fees

Release of Deed of Trust Documents

Documents required for Releasing a Deed of Trust

Request for Release by Owner of Indebtedness WITH Production of Evidence of Debt - Form used for submission with the original cancelled evidence of debt such as a note

Request for Release by Owner of Indebtedness WITHOUT Production of Evidence of Debt - In order to use this form, the owner of the indebtedness must be one of the following entities specified in §38-38-100.3 (20):

  1. A Qualified Holder of the evidence of debt 
    (Statutory definition of Qualified Holder)
  2. A holder of the evidence of debt submitting a corporate surety bond in lieu of the original evidence of debt
  3. A title insurance company licensed and qualified in Colorado

Note: The Microsoft Word forms may be downloaded and filled out using the Tab key to move between lines and fields.

How To Fill Out A Request for Release of Deed of Trust

  1. The form must be printed on legal size paper.

  2. The Document Return information at the top must remain inside the box.

  3. Check the appropriate box for a FULL or a PARTIAL Release.

  4. Enter the current date.

  5. The Grantor, Beneficiary, and Deed of Trust dates and recording information must match exactly what is on the Deed of Trust.

  6. Enter the current address as requested or check the box if the current address is unknown.

  7. Fill in the County that will be releasing the Deed of Trust.

  8. For a Partial Release, the legal description of what is being released must be entered in the space provided.  If more space is needed, make the legal description a second page.

  9. If using the Request for Release by Owner of Indebtedness Without Production of Evidence of Debt, check the appropriate box: a, b, or c.

  10. Enter the name and address of the Current Owner and Holder of the Indebtedness (Note) that is secured by the Deed of Trust being Released.

  11. If appropriate, enter the name, title, and address of the officer for the Current Owner and Holder of the Indebtedness.  This may be the person(s) signing the Request for Release form.

  12. The Release form must be signed and notarized.  The notary must fill in the information underneath the signatures, sign and affix their seal.

  13. The fee for executing and recording a one page Release is $28.00.  There is an additional recording fee of $5.00 per page for any additional pages to be recorded, such as the legal description.

  14. Submit the completed Release form, the appropriate fee, and the original recorded Deed of Trust or a legible copy thereof.