Elected Officials


The Assessor's Office is responsible for discovering, listing, and valuing all property within the county as directed by state laws. It is the duty of the Assessor to locate, identify and value all taxable property within the County..

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Clerk and Recorder

The Morgan County Clerk and Recorder has the responsibility for the following departments in county government: Elections Department, Motor Vehicle Department and Recording Department. The Morgan County Clerk and Recorder's Office issues Civil Union Licenses and Marriage Licenses and handles all CORA requests for Morgan County.

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Morgan County's Commissioners are constitutional officers elected for four-year terms. The Board of County Commissioners is both an administrative and policy-making body. Morgan County is divided into three compact districts by the Board of County Commissioners. Each district is divided into as equal population as possible.

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The duties of the County Coroner's Office include scene investigation surrounding the circumstances of a death, to include the identification of the deceased, performing autopsies when needed, certification of the death, notifying the next of kin, documentation of investigation and autopsy and safekeeping and disposition of evidence and personal property of the deceased.

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The Morgan County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement protection to the unincorporated and rural areas of the county.

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The Morgan County Surveyor administers the county land survey records, re-establishes and maintains the official government survey monuments, and reviews property boundaries surveys and subdivision plans.

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Treasurer and Public Trustee

The elected Treasurer of Morgan County serves as the Public Trustee. The Treasurer is responsible for the collection and distribution of property taxes and the investment and reconciliation of all county funds, and for executing Releases of Deeds of Trust and handling Foreclosures, for providing efficient and courteous service to the taxpayers of Morgan County.

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