Cadet Program


Mission Statement: The Cadet program is designed to provide insight into the field of pre-hospital emergency medicine. Cadets become part of a new generation of emergency medical technicians and will support the future of emergency medicine in our community.

The Morgan County Ambulance Service Cadet Program was established by the Morgan County Ambulance Service in an attempt to demonstrate the dedication, collaboration and team work it takes to provide professional emergency medical response. The Cadet Program provides a great opportunity for those interested in moving towards a life-long career.

Cadet Program Pledge

  1. We will provide the basic foundation from which interested people can obtain support in seeking a career opportunity as an emergency medical technician.
  2. We will make every attempt to provide a positive, non-threatening and educational environment for our Cadets.
  3. We will provide youth services to the local communities.
  4. We'll provide a sense of awareness about health matters as well as illness/injury prevention that Cadets can take with them into the community.
  5. We will give Cadets an opportunity to witness first hand, patient interaction and treatment modalities, educationally demonstrating pre-hospital management of the sick and injured.
  6. We will give Cadets an active, yet limited role in patient management providing them an opportunity for self-evaluation.
  7. We will assist in providing certification, training and continued education for active members of the Cadet Program.

Applying to the Cadet Program

Interested in joining the Cadet Program?  The process is simple and easy.  Please submit your completed Cadet Application Form and cover letter to 1000 E Railroad, Fort Morgan, CO 80701 via mail or in person.

Cadet Program - Frequently Asked Questions:

Anyone ages 14 and older can join our program. If you're under age 18, you'll need your parents' consent. You do not have to be a resident of Morgan County to take advantage of this program and educational opportunity.

Cadets must do a minimum of two, eight hour shifts per month and attend 80% of the monthly meetings held the first Tuesday evening of each month.

Cadets are issued a uniform just like the ambulance employees. Cadets are required to provide black shoes to complete the uniform.

As emergency responders we respond to all types of emergencies which vary in severity. Being in a small community, we often respond to friends and/or family members as well. As a Cadet or third rider, we would never intentionally put you in a situation you were uncomfortable with, however, Cadets could unpredictably find themselves in the midst of a stressful situation at any given moment.

Cadets are riding primarily as an observer. As Cadets become more and more familiar and comfortable, we encourage them to participate in non-invasive procedures.

A Cadet's shift varies depending upon day of the week and/or if school is in session. During the school year, Cadets must do a minimum of 2, 4 hour shifts a month. During the summer months, a minimum of 2, 8 hour shifts per month.

We take great pride in making sure our Cadets understand that school comes first and thus, this program should not interfere with your schooling. Cadets are encouraged to work on homework and/or any other school assignments while they're on shift if need be.

The Cadet Program is a great opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the basics of medicine. Depending upon your motivation, you could enter nursing school far ahead of someone without this experience. The Cadet Program is a great way to get started and could provide a great foundation in the medical field.

You can take an EMT class at anytime, however, most states and the National Registry of EMT's won't allow you to certify until you've reached 18 years of age. It's not recommended you take and/or finish the class before your 18th birthday.

Yes, there are several advantages. First of all... if you've been a Cadet in good standing with MCAS for at least one year and you've completed the state EMT course, you'll be eligible for hire at age 18. Someone who hasn't been in the program is not eligible for hire until age 20.

We respond to a variety of calls every day both trauma and medical with no two days being alike. Some have better outcomes than others. We average six calls per day including local hospital to metro hospital transports.

Liability and insurance will not typically allow Cadets to drive.

An EMT course is 175 hours of training with an accredited school followed by clinical training. Paying for an EMT course out of your own pocket will initially cost you approximately $1,100 but there are many grants available to assist you with costs. If you're a Cadet in good standing, after one year of service Morgan County Ambulance will reimburse you with cost of your successful EMT training.

Ambulances respond to a variety of situations that put us at risk of blood and airborne diseases. Morgan County Ambulance provides protective equipment such as gloves, face masks, etc. to all employees. In addition, aggressive treatment and immediate steps are taken should an employee be exposed. Over the past 20 years, Morgan County Ambulance personnel have not contracted any life threatening diseases as a result of responding to calls.

The Cadet Program is designed to get people involved and excited about EMS. Our focus will be on training you so that you become more and more comfortable as a responder. We will provide you with all the tools and opportunities you need should you make this a career choice. We'll train you in CPR and assist you in advancing through First Responder, EMT etc. as long as you're an active and dedicated participant of the program.