Patrol is responsible for maintaining public safety and enforcing the law within its jurisdiction. Patrol deputies typically respond to emergency calls, conduct routine patrols, and investigate crimes. They also enforce traffic laws, respond to accidents, and provide assistance to the public when needed. Additionally, the Patrol Division may engage in community policing efforts, such as conducting neighborhood patrols, attending community events, and collaborating with residents to address local concerns. Overall, the Patrol plays a crucial role in safeguarding communities, deterring criminal activity, and fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and the public.

VIN Inspections

Regular VIN Inspection

  • No Fee 
  • If the title is an out-of-state transfer, a regular VIN inspection can be done by any deputy. Please call dispatch at 970-867-2461 and request a regular VIN inspection. A deputy will be dispatched and no appointment is necessary.

Certified VIN Inspection

A Certified VIN Inspection is more in-depth than a VIN Verification and requires a form provided by the Colorado Department of Revenue along with $50. The following vehicles require a certified VIN inspection:

  • bonded/salvage title vehicles
  • rebuilt vehicles
  • reconstructed vehicles
  • vehicles assembled from a kit (including trailers)
  • vehicles without a title (whether lost or didn't have one

Please call dispatch at 970-867-2461 or Morgan County Sheriff’s Office at 970-542-3445 to schedule an appointment.

Only deputies that have special training in Certified VIN procedures can do Certified VIN Inspections. Appointments will be scheduled on a first come basis.