Recording Documents - Information/Fees


The duties of the Recording Department include the recording, indexing, and maintenance of permanent public records. There is no charge to search public records, and searching can be performed at the public computers in our office. Recording personnel cannot search on your behalf, but would be happy to assist you in getting started with your search efforts.

Note: The Clerk and Recorder does not provide blank forms for recording purposes. You may purchase forms at any office supply store.



Morgan County also accepts recorded documents electronically from the following approved submitters:

Request for DD 214

Attention Military Personnel:

To request a copy of a DD 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge), please print and complete the Request for DD 214 form and return it to our office (in person or by USPS mail) with a copy of your valid ID.


Recording Fees

The information from Morgan County's Fee Schedule include Morgan County Clerk and Recorder's Fees approved January 10, 2017. To view the County's Full Fee Schedule. Fees may be paid by cash, check or credit card.

 Page size 8 1/2 x 11$0.25 per page
 Page size 8 1/2 x 14$0.25 per page
 Page size 11 x 17$1.25 per page
Flash Drive$5.00
Record of Commissioners Minutes$0.25 per page (CORA Request May Be Required)
 $5.00 each (CORA Request May Be Required)
Research*1st hour at no charge
 Minimum$16.79 first 1/2 hour
 Additional time$33.58 per hour split at 1/4 hour increments
See Statute 24-72-205.5 attached
Copies of Recorded documents:Certified copy fee*
County maps:
 Exemption maps$5.00 per page*$1.00
 Subdivision maps$5.00 per page*$1.00
 Survey maps$5.00 per page*$1.00
 Monument$0.25 each 
 Road and Bridge copies$0.25 each 
 General recordings$0.25 per page*$1.00
 Military Discharge/DD214no charge 
 Certified copy fee*
Marriage | Civil Union Application | License$30.00 each (includes one certified copy)
 Application$0.25 per page$1.00*
 License$0.25 per page$1.00*
 Application/License package$0.25 per page$1.00*
 Marriage/Civil Union License certified copy for Social Security PurposesNo Charge
To Record Documents:
General recordings:
 First page$13.00
 Each additional page$5.00 per page
 Oversized Document (larger than 8.5x14)$5.00 Add\'l fee per page
*Documentary fee of $0.01 per $100 purchase on transfer documents if over $500.00 to be assessed on commercial and real property. Exception: a deduction of any personal property disclosure that may be stated on contract of sale or closing/settlement for commercial property only. (39-13-102(5)(a)
 Military Discharge/DD214No Charge
To Record Maps:
Subdivision Plat/Annexation/Exemption:
 First page$13.00
 Each additional page$10.00
Land Survey Plat Maps:
 First page$23.00
 Recorded all additional pages$20.00
Right of Way and Easement Maps:
 First page$23.00
 Recorded all additional pages$20.00
Ditch and Reservoir Maps:
 First page$13.00
 Two or more pages$10.00
Speical District Maps:
 First page$13.00
 Recorded all additional pages$10.00
To Record Tax Liens and Releases (for Government Entities):
 Stateno charge
To Record UCC's (in Real Estate):
 First 2 pages$13.00
 Three or more pages$18.00
 If recorded electronic fee is $8.00 for 1 or multiple pages.
Other Recording Information:
Municipalitiespay recording fees, exempt from Doc fees
Inner County Offices (statewide)no charge for recording fees
Out-of-State County Officespay recording fees
Documents Retrieved at Customer Request:
Faxed Documents$5.001st pg. $1.00 each add\'l. pg plus $0.25 per copy
Mailing Documents$5.00up to 10 pages, over 10 - based on current postal rates plus $0.25 per copy
E-mailed Documents$5.00 per email
Eagle Web - Full Access$300.00 per month
Morgan County Fee Collection Policy:
On recorded documents: Overpayment
 If overpayment is under $4.99, County retains funds
 If overpayment exceeds $5.00, overage will be refunded to depositor
Short Check Fees -$20.00
Election Fees:
List of Registered Voters:
 $25.00 or $.01 per name whichever is greater
plus additional $5.00 fee to cover CD/Flashdrive mailing
Mailing Labels:
 $25.00 or $.05 per name whichever is greater
plus additional $5.00 fee to cover mailing
 Designated Election Official (first request)
C.R.S. 1-5-303(3), 1-7-107(2)(b)
no charge
 Certificate of Voter Registration$1.25
Liquor Licensing Fees:
 Special Events Licenses$25.00 minimum
 CBI/FBI Fingerprints as requiredAt Cost