Our Mission

The members of the Morgan County Ambulance Service are dedicated professionals who desire to provide the citizens and visitors of Morgan County the best pre-hospital care possible. Our goal as pre-hospital care providers is to do no harm and in doing so, always remembering, it's what's in the best interest of our patients that's important.

Our philosophy towards patient care is one of appropriateness. We shall strive to be appropriately conservative, yet appropriately aggressive when the situation calls for it. We must remember that every intervention, primarily pharmacologic and procedural, has risk for complications. Thresholds for action must correlate to the degree of acuity, taking into account the benefits to the patient verses risks of the intervention.

We pledge to be diligent in our training, always striving for optimum skills and accuracy and for making sound judgments, without jeopardizing patient outcomes. We understand that our protocols are only as useful as the frequency with which they are reviewed and studied. Ongoing review and in-depth knowledge of these protocols will help us maintain our competencies, knowledge and our ability to provide the highest standards of care to the patients we serve.

Through teamwork and mutual respect amongst ourselves, other agencies and hospitals, we proactively look to the future of our profession, always adapting and changing, being the best that we can be.