Safety Tips


Always wear a helmet when riding your bike, skateboard, rollerblades, etc. Head injuries can happen in the blink of an eye, possibly leaving you with severe neurological problems. Two hundred sixty thousand (260,000) children are admitted to the hospital each year as a result of head injuries suffered while riding without helmets. Trauma is the leading cause of death in kids, #1 cause of death!

No Smoking - Smoking is the leading cause of artery disease and artery disease is the number one cause of death in adult Americans. It also causes cancer and lung diseases even in those who don't smoke (second hand smoke).

Chewing tobacco causes the same problems as cigarettes, only it is more addicting making it more difficult to stop once you've started. There are 28 cancer causing chemicals in chewing tobacco - in fact, chewing tobacco contains six times the amount of addicting nicotine as cigarettes.

Burns are one of the most devastating injuries anyone could suffer. Kids' skin is much thinner than adults, therefore, their burns deepen much more quickly. This includes burns from fire, electrical and chemical agents. 

  • Keep matches and fire starters out of their reach at all times!
  • Keep all cleaning chemicals out of reach!
  • Never hold a child while cooking.
  • Use the back burners on the stove and keep handles turned toward the back of the stove.
  • Make sure curling irons are off and put out of reach.
  • Set water heaters to no more than 120°F.

Never leave your kids unattended in a hot car. Sunlight can heat car interiors to lethal temperatures in just 30 minutes. Don't be fooled by cool weather as a car's inside temperature will rise to 72°F in just 1 hour. When the outside temperature is 95°F, research shows that a sealed car will reach a suffocating temperature of 149°F in just 15 minutes! When the outside temperature is 72°F , interior car temps will rocket to 116°F in 30 minutes.

Kids can't regulate their temperatures like adults, and babies can't do it at all until 3 months of age.

Keep our kids safe!