Detention Division


Detention Division


The Detention Division manages inmate information and oversees bond posting procedures. Additionally, the division handles inmate mail and supervises the processes for adding money to the commissary system and the phone system, ensuring efficient and effective operations.

Inmate Locator

This online database allows the public, law enforcement, and other authorized individuals to search for information about incarcerated individuals. This tool typically provides details such as the inmate's current location, incarceration status, identification number, and sometimes charges, sentence length, and release date. It is used to track and locate inmates within the correctional system.

Locate an Inmate

Posting Bond Information

Posting bond is a critical step in the legal process that allows an individual to be released from custody while awaiting trial. Understanding your legal rights when posting bond is essential to ensure that the process is carried out correctly and efficiently.

Posting a Cash Bond with a Credit Card

Adding Money to Commissary

Adding money to an inmate's commissary account is an important way to support them while they are incarcerated. The commissary provides inmates with access to various items beyond what is supplied by the facility, such as snacks, hygiene products, and personal items, which can significantly improve their daily living conditions.

Add Money to Commissary

Adding Money to Phone System

Adding money to a convict's phone system account is a vital means of maintaining communication between inmates and their families, friends, and legal representatives. This financial support enables inmates to make phone calls, which can be crucial for emotional support, staying connected with loved ones, and managing legal matters. 

Add Money to Phone System

Inmate Mail

Inmate mail serves as a lifeline for individuals incarcerated, offering a vital connection to the outside world. Correspondence from loved ones, friends, and legal representatives provides emotional support, updates on important events, and a sense of connection to the community beyond prison walls.

Address regular mail in the following manner and mail to the address below.

Inmate Name
Inmate CID
P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131

Packages and books need to be mailed to the address below.

Inmate Name
Inmate CID
801 E Beaver Ave.
Fort Morgan, CO 80701