Helpful Hints


Dear Parents,

Injury prevention is key in reducing your child's chance of an unexpected ambulance or emergency room visit. Taking preventive steps and being proactive can save you and your children lots of potential emergency situations.

Remember that ambulance personnel are just ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things at a job they love. They\'re working for you, to help you in your time of need. Realize though that in helping, some of the things they do may cause you some discomfort and pain. Know that you can trust them and they really are there to help you.

Not everyone who is taken by ambulance to the hospital is dying or in critical condition. We take them by ambulance to make them more comfortable and to help the doctors by starting treatment they need to get better faster. You won\'t get a shot just because you\'re in the ambulance - in fact, most people don\'t get shots while in the ambulance. The equipment we use in most cases won\'t hurt you.

Almost everyone who is injured in accidents such as bicycle or car crashes or bad falls will be placed on a long yellow backboard. We place a plastic collar on their neck too, so that we can hold their neck and back in a straight line. Think of this as a whole body splint. If you break your arm, your arm is put into a splint.

Remember, most of what we do is nothing to be afraid of!!