Building Inspections

Adopted Building Codes

In 2010, Morgan County adopted the 2009 International Building Code, International Residential Code, International Energy Conservation Code and the International Mechanical Code.

Building Inspector

After the permit has been issued and you have begun work, you or your contractor must request inspections at certain times. To request inspections, call the Planning &, Zoning Department at 970-542-3526 or the building inspector 970-768-7197 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. If an inspection is scheduled but you are not ready for the inspection, please call to cancel the inspection at least 1 hour ahead of your appointed time. Required inspections are marked on the building permit card you receive when the setback inspection is completed.

In order to avoid project delays and added expense to both the County and to the applicant, please ensure that all work is inspected and approved prior to concealment.

Permits Required

Morgan County’s basic requirements for permits are any building that has a roof and is 120 square feet and larger.

If the building project is for a new home, addition or remodel to an existing home, which includes siding, replacement windows, or carports/patios that attach to the house, as well as a shop with a bathroom, require a building permit.

Accessory structures are detached (from the home) buildings that fit the basic requirements and might have electricity only supplied to the building. These structures require an accessory structure permit (also called a zoning permit).

Mechanical permits are required for replacing or adding a furnace/boiler, alternative heating sources, or air conditioning unit. (Included in the new construction building permit).

When replacing/repairing your roof a Roofing permit is required. Roofing permits for detached outbuildings (detached accessory structures) are not required.

Contractors working in the County are required to hold a current Contractor’s License.